Jane Carter Solution: Nourish & Shine Butter

Where do I start with this product?!… Absolutely love it!

This is the best moisture sealer I’ve used to date. It locks in moisture for weeks, keeping my hair soft and moisturised without having to re-moisturise my hair daily for the first 5-6 days (if my hair is not exposed and tucked away in a protective style).

Before I began using this, I had a not so good habit of being quite rigid with the hair products I used, meaning I’d religiously stick to my staple favourites without trying out other products and brands. Looking back, I wouldn’t say that was a bad habit as sticking to what works for your hair won’t harm it but I realised I was blatantly ignoring other great hair products, which I don’t think was right and I realised how much I was missing out!

I only considered using this one day when visiting my mum and saw it in her bathroom. Thank goodness I did!

My twistouts always come out soft, bouncy, shiny and defined with this product. It doesn’t leave an oily/tacky/bitty residue on the hair shaft as some products can do.

How I use it:

After washing and conditioning my hair, I distribute warm jojoba oil throughout my scalp and damp hair. After this I seal my hair with J.C’s Nourish & Shine butter to lock in the water and liquid oil. A little goes a long way with this product. It lasted me a lot longer than I initially thought it would.


Amazing sealant that really does do what it says on the tub

The butter is semi-thick so a little goes a long way

Creates soft defined twistouts

Smells really yummy and the ingredients are all natural


~The cons to this product are minor and fortunately don’t reflect on its quality~

Compared to similar products, the minimal 4 ounces of product you get in the standard sized tub is underwhelming when compared with the product’s price

This product isn’t easy to find in the UK where I live, with only a few stockists selling it

Trusted UK Stockist:

Beautiful Roots Ltd, 9 Melville Road, London E17 6QS

If you’ve used Jane Carter Solution’s Nourish & Shine Butter or any of their other products let me know as I’m keen to try more of their range out 🙂


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