Shoegasm: Alexander Wang ‘Kim’ Booties

I snapped these up last winter and they’ve been my go-to heeled boots ever since. Alexander Wang is one of my favourite designers overall, though I particular love the brand’s shoes. Their genius innovative remixes on classic shoe styles always draws me in. I love the sharply cut descending shaping of the opening of Kim as well as the layering effect around the front of the boots upper and her exposed stitching details. It’s all the small though distinctive, intricate details that sets a well designed designer shoe apart from it’s high street knock-off. I love my knock-offs but I knew with this particular boot, any high street knock-offs wouldn’t come anywhere close to incorporating all the finely tuned details that make this ankle boot unique.

I’m certainly not well off; just a hard-working 20-something London girl with a rather big shoe fetish! Therefore, the 1-2 times a year I invest in a designer item, the item has to look premium and have an innovative edge for me to invest. These are definitely one of my best shoe investments so far due to their unique look, versatility and comfort.

You’ll be able to find these as well as various other past (and a few present) season Alexander Wang boots HERE



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  1. Obsessed with these heels, I LOVE Alexander Wang too!

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