Shoegasm: YEEZY Season 2 ‘Knit Ankle Boot’


Well well.. it’s been a while since I last blogged.. ahh!

Sooo Kanye West dropped his ‘Season 2’ footwear collection on Monday 6 June (excluding the anticipated Yeezy 750 ‘Light Grey/Gum’ sneaker, which was released yesterday).

I love how Season 2’s (and the upcoming Season 3) footwear edit incorporated women’s shoes as well as unisex styles e.g. the ‘Crepe Suede Boot’. To my relief, I was able to get my hands on a pair of my fave style, this khaki “glove fit” bootie when they released (also comes in light beige). Super happy as these babies were just too gorge to pass up and the knock offs provided on the high street right now just aren’t cutting it (such a shame as I love a good knock off!)

To be honest I’m not a fan of the man himself or the last 2 seasons of clothing though when it comes to a number of his footwear styles, I’m actually impressed. Impressed enough to put my hard earned coins towards the styles I really like! …I’m now the proud owner of both my fave Yeezy styles – the 350 ‘Turtle Dove’ sneakers and now these cuties.

Major big up/shout out to the specific people in Yeezy’s footwear design team who produced the designs for Season 2’s ladies shoes. The well-known “insta famous” online shoe stores including UK based Public Desire are becoming infamous for their designer shoe knock offs. Their ankle boot ‘Kori’ that comes in khaki, black and beige are meant to be an affordable alternative/version of the knitted ankle boot featured in this post though their version is hideous (sorry, not sorry). The material used is a poor match and obviously cheaply sourced and the wood-look (not actually wooden) heel is only around 4.3 inches. All heel lovers know that certain shoe styles require a 4.5-5+ inch heel for that “wowza” effect we all want lol.

AWESOME NEWS! Quite a few styles are still available on! (Access directly through the link.) If you snagged a pair of any style in this almost sold out collection, let me know! 🙂








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  1. It’s interesting it’s very similar to a Zanotti style from a couple of years back, yet I don’t think the Zanottis gained a cult following. I wonder has this shoe become “insta famous” through the Kardashian effect of fashion? I wonder if anything that is credited to Kimye would enjoy the same status?

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    • Indeed, I’ve seen a handful of past/present boot styles like these. From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t say this particular shoe in the collection has a “cult following” and that also goes for the other ladies shoes that were released in the collection. Though the Yeezy sneakers from both Season 1 & 2 and all the collabs he’s done with sports brands before he had his own label, definitely do! As I’m typing all I can think is how I have way too many shoes. Ahh!


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