Hey loves,

I shot this look almost 8 weeks ago and I’ve finally got round to posting it. Ahh! Better late than never I guess..

I LOVEEE THIS DRESSS! ❤ It’s been my favourite “day to night” dress since I purchased it back around 2 months ago. Simply because it’s so versatile. I’m wearing it with heels for “full effect” in these pics but 9/10 times when I wear it it’s usually with trainers – usually my Yeezy 350s as it’s the perfect ‘running errands dress’. I really like how every popper is functional and you can pop or unpop as many as you like to achieve you desired look. As a tall girl, it was the long sleeves which was the icing on the cake for me with this dress. I’m a sucker for dresses and tops that can be worn off-shoulder and have long slinky sleeves.

I’ve taken these gorgeous #boxbraids out now but happy I’ve taken quite a few pics with them in over the 6 weeks I had them. 🙂

P.S. This is what 77kg (12 stones) looks like. Yep, I was rather surprised to when I stepped on the scales at a routine doctor’s appointment and saw 77kg staring up at me lol. I’ve never been into weighing myself as I’m a firm believer of how you feel and look are the best health indicators over actual weight. To my queens that religiously let their fitness/health be judged by the scales, ❗️STOP❗️. Align your focus and body goals with how you feel/look/healthier diet and fitness choices. Besides, 77kg doesn’t look so bad!

I’m wearing:

Dress & bag – ZARA

Heels – Office (perfect YSL replicas all the way down to the squared toe)






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