Beauty & Skincare

Like most girls, I love to play around with cosmetics and try new shades and brands that I’ve heard good reviews on. I’ve had problematic skin since I can remember so I choose not to wear heavy makeup daily. Therefore, “beating my face” with a great makeup look always feels like a treat and I look forward to sharing my favourite makeup looks and go-to brands/products with you as well as sharing inspirational images of makeup looks I love.

I like to classify my skin type as ‘extreme combination’ as it gets very oily in areas and very dry in others. If you have either combination, oily or dry skin my skincare product reviews should be helpful as I’ve uncovered some great products that help our skin types behave more ‘normal’. Ranging from my go-to drugstore brands to professional skincare products I’ve achieved clearer skin with.

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P.S. Only images watermarked are my own photography. I do not own the rights to all media featured on this blog


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